Past its prime?

Author:Philipp, Thomas J.
Position:Correspondence - Letter to the Editor

It should not be necessary to have to bring to the attention of Richard John Neuhaus that Union Theological Seminary (UTS) is not, as stated in your December 2003 issue, "now almost defunct" (While We're At It). As an active alumnus, member of the Alumni/ae Council, and frequent participant in many of the seminary's offerings, I find such a comment not only flippant and erroneous, but an insult to the Seminary's administration, faculty, students, and board. I believe an apology is in order. Believe me, Union Theological Seminary will still be a vibrant presence long after FIRST THINGS has ceased publication.

(The Rev.) Thomas J. Philipp

UTS Class of 1962

RJN replies:

Defunct means to have finished a course of life. The life of UTS I had in mind was when--many, many years...

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