Past and future: the same.

AuthorGordon, Daniel
PositionSt. Thomas Law Review 25th Anniversary Issue

During the 1987-1988 school year, Professor Siegfried Wiessner lobbied Dean Jacqueline Allee and the St. Thomas University School of Law faculty to create a law review. Professor Wiessner prevailed, and the St. Thomas Law Review served, and continues to serve, as an intellectual anchor for the School of Law. The Law Review contributes to the School of Law and its continued development and maturation in a number of ways:

The Law Review creates a focal point for student academic leadership. The Law Review editors and staff serve as the student academic leadership. They set the tone for the serious learning tasks implicated in training for lawyering, which includes a strong intellectual skill set.

The Law Review serves as a center for ethical practice for St. Thomas law students. The editors and staff possess great autonomy, which contrasts with the typical law school classroom under the direction of faculty. This autonomy requires an ethical commitment to the scholars who publish in the St. Thomas Law Review. With few exceptions over the years, the Law Review has taken its responsibilities to authors very seriously. Issues emerge in a timely fashion. The cite check and other work obtains completion in a timely manner.

The Law Review also serves as an intellectual showcase for students and the School of Law. A marvelous example involved the superb job the Law Review performed when it hosted many law reviews throughout the United States for the National Conference of Law Reviews. The Law Review managed the conference with great planning and execution.

The Law Review assures that the School of Law participates fully as a vital component of a Catholic university sponsored by the Archdiocese of Miami. Ex...

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