Que pasa in la.

Author:Mangual, Rudy

Pictured above, local bassist/bandleader Manny Silvera is enjoying the release of his self-produced sophomore CD Bassed in America. Born in Panama and raised in Colombia, Silvera has been calling Los Angeles home for over two decades, honing his skills in the musically diverse environment of the City of Angels. In a recent chat with Silvera, he stated the following: "This new production was motivated by my years of reading, listening and living in the folklore of Latin American writers, poets, composers and artists from all walks of life, such as (Gabriel) Garcia Marquez, Pablo Neruda, Tite Curet Alonso, Ruben Blades, El Gran Combo, and Los Van Van, among many others. The repertoire in this new recording features a total of ten scores, eight of which were penned by me. The musical direction of the production was headed by pianist Jorge Cottes (a childhood friend from Colombia) and recorded in Medellin. A cast of all-star players included the Colombian collective (members of the popular bands Grupo Niche, Grupo Gale, Orquesta La Republica, and Puerto Candelaria), which are featured throughout most of the recording. Two tracks were recorded in Los Angeles, showcasing the west coast version of my conceptual ensemble, Origen. Featured local musicians include Karen Briggs (violin), Artie Webb (flute), Raul Pineda (drums), and Jose "Papo" Rodriguez (congas), to mention a few. The mostly instrumental repertoire features a fresh new sound, full of sophisticated big band arrangements and intriguing melodies, with the improvisational tendencies of Latin jazz and the danceable flavors of salsa. The arrangements were done by favoring open harmonies, creating the illusion and sound of a bigger band. Colombian singer Juan David Grajales is featured on the selection Cosas del Destino. This new production gave me the opportunity to be reunited with many of my childhood's musician friends from Medellin, to once again work with them, and to create fresh, wonderful music. As for the Los Angeles ensemble, it was an opportunity to work on a more jazzy, North American sound with many new and old friends, which most of the time are too busy doing their own thing or simply making a living. The CD is available at www.cdbaby.com and most major Latin music outlets."

Upcoming events around town include: La Vida Music Festival at The Ford Amphitheater, on October 4th. Headlining the festival are the Louie Cruz Beltran Orchestra (with special guests Pete...

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