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Position:Management & Training Corporation - Company overview - Brief article

Management & Training Corporation (MTC), based in Centerville, Utah, operates correctional facilities for federal and state governments, as well as Job Corps centers, for the U.S. Department of Labor. Since 1981, MTC has provided vital education and technical training to thousands of American youths through the federal Job Corps program. In 1987, MTC brought its expertise in education and training to the corrections industry, and today, it operates 24 facilities in partnership with multiple federal and state agencies. MTC Medical also provides quality health care and dental services to thousands of offenders and detainees at 10 MTC facilities and one county jail in Florida.

MTC has been a proud sponsor of the American Correctional Association. In August 2009, MTC became the first private correctional management company to earn ACA accreditation. This means the MTC corporate office adheres to the...

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