Author:Green, Deven

Andrew Bradley is the creator of the satirical character Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian[TM]. Betty is played by co-producer Deven Green in YouTube videos that have reached over ten million viewers. Bradley writes all of the content for Betty Bowers' Facebook page, which has over 579,000 fans, and her Twitter feed, which has 200,000 followers and reached over nine million people during the first week of 2018. Bradley has also written or co-written three humor books: What Would Betty Do? (Simon & Schuster), White House Handbook (co-writer for Penguin), and Welcome to Jesusland! (co-writer for Hachette).

Green is an award-winning comedic performer based in Los Angeles via Canada. In addition to playing Betty Bowers she writes and voices the Welcome to My Home and Welcome to My White House parodies of Melania Trump, has appeared as a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race, and performs live music shows across the US. She has been an outspoken ally and advocate for LGBTQ rights, The Trevor Project, The NO H8 campaign, HIV Equal, AIDS Ride, Southern California's G&L Centre, San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative, and the LGBT Youth Center-San Diego. She's headlined Pride festivals across the US, officiated same-sex marriages, and regularly speaks to LGBTQ alliances at colleges and universities.

The following is adapted from their remarks in acceptance of the American Humanist Association's 2018 Humanist Arts Award, presented at the AHA annual conference on May 19 In Las Vegas, Nevada.

[Deven Green speaking] Well, hello friends. As you can tell, when I talk I'm naturally insincere. So, I'm telling you right now, that I am actually sincere in thanking you very much for this arts award with Andrew Bradley. It is an honor to be recognized after more than a decade of working together.

I'm thankful that all of you here truly appreciate satire as 99 percent of the internet does. (The other 1 percent sends me death threats and marriage proposals daily.) This acknowledgement is certainly encouraging, so thank you to the American Humanist Association and, of course, Andrew Bradley.

[Andrew Bradley speaking]: Thank you very much for the award. It means a lot to us, and it's exciting to meet all of you, but also to be together. Deven and I talk all the time on the phone, but we're hardly ever together (I'm in Atlanta, and she's in Hollywood--she's so glamorous!). So knowing we'd be together, I wrote a piece for us to perform. I thought we'd take advantage of the fact that we're in a room full atheists, or quasi-near-adjacent atheists, and do a spoof on the Bible. It's called "The Whole Bible in One Minute."

ANDREW BRADLEY: Let there be cosmic music. [Green hums Star Trek theme.]

God has always existed.

DEVEN GREEN: Just as well, because if he created himself, he'd be even more flawed.

AB: Which may be why he didn't get around to creating anything until only three billion years ago.

DG: Six thousand years ago.

AB: Whatever, either way, trillions and billions of years ago, God sat around and did absolutely nothing.

DG: Except sit alone in the dark.

AB: Until God thought to turn on the light.

DG: By finally inventing one.

AB: God then created man.

DG: Humanity shipped without a female!

AB: Sloppy.


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