Paris art label: strategic acquisitions, experience and digital printing are keys to the success of this expanding beauty label specialist.

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Paris Art Label has been around since 1925, and while the company started forging its path to success in the 1970s, today its reaching new heights. Leveraging an aggressive growth strategy and the latest in digital printing. the Patchogue. NY-based company MI KO old-fashioned customer service with a personal touch, while embracing the latest label and packaging trends and technologies.

Paris Art Label operates from its 65,000 square foot facility in Long Island, NewYork, about 60 miles cast of NewYork City. A second locadon, a 48,000 square foot plant in nearby Ronkonkoma, houses the company's digital, shrink and label application contract manufacturing center. And sitting on seven acres in Princeton, NJ. there's a third facility, currently at approximately 20,000 square feet, with the growth potential to reach I 50,0110 square feet.

In 1974, Ron Tarantino bought Paris Art Label for less than $10,000. At the time, the company was comprised of one Shiki letterpress machine, one employee, and it was located in a loft in lower Manhattan, in New York City. Soon after his purchase, Ron bought Colonial Label, and with a handful of employees. moved the company to a small, 1800 square foot shop in Huntington Station, Long Island. He added a few more letterpress machines, and from there the company began to grow.

After purchasing East End Label in 1982. a small flexo label printer in Westhampton. NY, Ron began looking for room for expansion, and in 1986 Paris Art Label moved into a 44,000 square foot facility in Ronkonkoma. A year later the company acquired its first fiexo label presses--a Manhasset and a Mark Andy. Strong. steady growth followed--in ten years time, the Ronkonkoma operation grew 400%.

Strategic acquisi i ms, as well as finding lucrative, niche markets have been linchpins to Paris Art Label's success. In 1980, the company acquired Colonial Label Company, signaling its entrance into the thermal label printing and applicator markets, as well as establishing itself in the oil and lube industry. Today, operating as Colonial Label, the division specializes in manufacturing the machines that print the static-cling "return-for-service" oil change labels. The application division grew further with the I 994 acquisition on Tuck Automatic Labeler, a specialist in label application and assembly work.

More recently. Paris Art Label acquired Princeton, NJ-based Princeton Label in 2006, and Gemsom Liberty Graphics, in Albertson, NY, in 2010. And...

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