A Pariah's Prayer.

Author:Kearney, John F.
Position:Poems of Censure and Condemnation - Poem

A Pariah's Prayer God of Justice, look down on the workmen, Who've been toiling for thousands of years, And for justice too often beseeching; Will you nerve us to get it through the fears Of legalized thieves, who still rob us And cast us out on the world as tramps. Far too long we've been pleading for mercy, And it's time we should light up our lamps. Whose rays will illumine the darkness And enable the millions to see That justice can be had for the taking, And access to the land be made free; Then the castle and hovel will vanish And justice and reason command, We'll have no more of the jailer or almshouse, But fraternity and love through the land. Go, ask the poor tenement housekeepers, Or the "tramps" in the old, frosty streets...

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