Paralegal Division

JurisdictionUtah,United States
CitationVol. 36 No. 4 Pg. 61
Publication year2023
Paralegal Division
Vol. 36 No. 4 Pg. 61
Utah Bar Journal
August, 2023

July, 2023

2023 Paralegal of the Year: Congratulations Tonya Wright!

by Greg Wayment

On Thursday, May 18, 2023, the Paralegal Division of the Utah State Bar and the Utah Paralegal Association held the Annual Paralegal Day celebration. Kimberly Garner was the keynote speaker and spoke about professionalism and civility for paralegals. The Paralegal Division would like to heartily thank all those who organized and hosted this event.

One of the highlights of this event is the opportunity to recognize individuals who have achieved their national certification through the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). This year four individuals were recognized for obtaining a Certified Paralegal designation: Jessika Anne Allsop, Madison Morgan, Christopher A. Simon, and Leah Marie Wright. In addition, four individuals were recognized for obtaining an Advanced Certified Paralegal designation: Denise J. George, Chad G. Lambourne, Lauren C. Pump, and Ashley Sevy. Well done!

Paralegal Day is also the day to present the Distinguished Paralegal of the Year Award. The purpose of this award is to honor a Utah paralegal who, over a long and distinguished career, has, by their ethical and personal conduct, commitment, and activities, rendered extraordinary contributions and service to the paralegal profession.

This was again an outstanding year for nominations. Typically, the Paralegal Division receives four to five nominations, with perhaps two to three nominations being complete. This year, we received twenty-three complete nominations, all of whom were very strong candidates. I would like to thank all those who nominated a paralegal. Please don't be discouraged if your nominee was not chosen; we'd love to see your nomination again next year!

The hard-working individuals on the 2023 selection committee included: Judge Shaughnessy, Christopher Von Maack, Kennedy Nate, Katie Lawyer, and Michelle Yeates. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2023 Utah Distinguished Paralegal of the Year Award is Tonya Wright.

Tonya has been a litigation paralegal to Shaun Peck since March 2011. Tonya works with Shaun Peck and Loren Peck on a wide variety of litigation matters including personal injury, insurance disputes, contract disputes, collection disputes, sexual abuse claims, employment claims, family law, estate disputes, and malpractice claims.


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