Paolini, Christopher. Eldest.

Author:Winship, Michele
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

PAOLINI, Christopher. Eldest. (Book Two of Inheritance Trilogy.) Random House, Knopf. 684p. illus, c2005.0-375-82670-X. $21.00. JS*

Readers who have been waiting two years for the release of Paolini's second installment in the Inheritance Trilogy will not be disappointed. The story picks up where Eragon left off, at the end of the battle at Farthen Dur. Eragon is now called Shadeslayer, and he has faced a mighty challenge that has changed him forever. After the leadership of the Varden changes hands, Eragon travels on to Ellesmera with Saphira to continue his training as a rider. Among the elves, he learns more about his power and about himself. In the meantime, Carvahall has been attacked. The villagers put up a brave defense, but ultimately they cannot hold out, and Katrina, Roran's betrothed, is kidnapped by the Ra'zac. Roran knows that Carvahall will fall and he asks the villagers to follow him to Surda, where he hopes to discover the whereabouts of the Ra'zac and Katrina. In...

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