Panama, a hub for the Americas.

Author:Mann, Joseph A., Jr.
Position:COUNTRY REPORT: PANAMA - Financial report

The airline Copa, which has played a key role Economy in recent years, in Panama's rapidly expanding economy in recent years, will continue to be an important factor in the country's future growth and development after the expansion of the Panama Canal is completed, Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Holdings, told Latin Trade.

"Following the canal expansion, canal-related businesses, including banking and other services, will experience new growth and present us with new opportunities," said Heilbron, who has served as CEO since 1988 and who led the conversion of Copa from a small national carrier to a major player among Latin America's international airlines. "Panama will gain importance as a logistics center, and we will be ready to meet the challenges of this new economic situation."

As Panama's economy grew, Heilbron and his executive team took advantage of the country's geographical location in the "middle" of Latin America to provide a wide range of connections between the United States, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Focusing on international flights, Copa developed the Hub of the Americas at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City as its base of operations, added new flights to underserved destinations, invested in modern aircraft and employee training, established a strategic relationship with Continental Airlines (now United Airlines) and applied the best practices of Continental to its rapidly expanding system. Copa continues its alliance with United and in...

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