Paint It Black.

Author:Bustos, Sergio R.
Position:Brief Article

WHEN UNITED PARCEL SERVICE LAUNCHES service to a city or region, insiders say the city or region is "going brown" for its trademark color. But with its late-June purchase of Challenge Air Cargo, a major player in the Latin American and Caribbean air cargo business, the Atlanta-based firm is adding so much new service that it's painting the region black.

"It would have taken years to extend our reach into Latin America on our own, says Robert Elizondo, UPS vice president of Latin America operations. Indeed, Miami-based Challenge Air Cargo makes 120 weekly flights to 16 cities in 13 countries. UPS' strength lies in only two markets: Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The acquisition, says Elizondo, is part of UPS' strategy to boost its meager market share against competitors Federal Express and DHL.


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