Paint by magic.

Author:Darr, Erin Lukens
Position:Brief Article

Harcourt. 271p. c2002. 0-15-204925-8. $5.95. J

Conner is a typical modern kid: video games, after-school activities, a busy family whose members are never home at the same time. Run, run, run is all he does and he loves it, or so he thinks! He comes home one day to find his mother home early from work, sitting on the couch wearing new clothes and an old-fashioned hairstyle. On her lap is an old art book opened to a picture of a woman that looks like her and it has her locked in some kind of trance. This begins many strange episodes in Conner's house. His mother keeps going into these trances, each more terrifying than the one before. She's hidden all the televisions, computers, and cell phones and insists that things are not as they were in the "good old days." She is protective of the art book and won't let anyone look at it. Conner figures out that the book has something to do with his mom's strange behavior and, while...

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