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Author:Kelly, Stephen R.
Position:Alliance Entertainment Corp. uses Adobe Systems Inc.'s PageMill to create its Web site

Adobe Systems Inc.'s Internet Director Bob Virkus selected Adobe Systems Inc's PageMill and SiteMill to create the firm's Web page site. PageMill enabled Virkus to quickly put together the site. The program is easy to use and handles the creation of tables quite well. Text can be put into the site without the need to code it into HTML. SiteMill helps Virkus manage the site and to reorganize it... (see full summary)


Building a Web site can be a daunting task. Even for Bob Virkus, an expert on desktop publishing and director of Internet services for Alliance Entertainment Corp., the initial launch of the company site was a lot of work.

The Coral Springs, Fla.-based Alliance Entertainment, a huge distributor of CDs to music stores, recently overhauled its Web component (, but this time Virkus used PageMill from Adobe Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif., to do it. What would have taken him two full weeks with other programs, he says, took only two days with PageMill.

Alliance's prototype Web site went up in November 1995. "We built it because we saw that technology would soon be driving music distribution," says Virkus. "We also wanted to have a corporate presence on the Internet. It shows that we're innovative. We have a lot of new information that people need."

Virkus found that PageMill was the ideal Web-page builder because "it allowed me to take the raw data and put it up in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to do in any other way. When the information on new releases comes in on Monday mornings, I can have it up on the Web in an hour."

Virkus had used Adobe's Illustrator and Photoshop programs for more than a decade, and he thought Pagemill had the same feel. Its simplicity helped him get the site's 400 Web pages up in outline text, with basic navigation tools, fast. "If you can use a word processor, you can use PageMill," he says.

Easy-to-Use Features

PageMill also makes it really simple to handle text, Virkus says. "I'm very fussy about how I want the text presented because things are more difficult to read on-screen. I can go in very quickly and format text easily without worrying about the HTML coding behind it."

Virkus relies a lot on tables for better readability, and so he appreciates PageMill's...

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