Diversified marketing overcomes inconsistent lead delivery: can franchise systems ensure their leads are qualified and sales teams are productive?

Author:Gould, Dwight C.

How can franchise systems make sure their leads are qualified? It's not simple.

The secret is to stay on top of changes. Partnering with the right sources, thinking "out of the box" and implementing the campaign swiftly and effectively are all part of the mix. However, there is more to it. That's why so many companies are looking for outside support.

Franchising Industry Growth

Last year, at least 300 companies began franchising for the first time. And today the competition is more fierce than ever. Not only is it difficult to get leads, it is difficult to get consistent leads.

Just as the numbers of franchises and those interested in getting involved in franchising has progressed dramatically, so have marketing methods in general. While traditional advertising and marketing are still important, online marketing has gained great momentum as the primary vehicle for both B2B and B2C situations.

Internet Marketing Growth

According to a recent article from research firm eMarketer, Internet advertising spending is forecasted to increase in 2009 by 8.9 percent. The firm's 2009 online ad spending forecast is $30.0 billion.

TNS Media Intelligence, the magazine of online media, marketing and advertising, reports that Internet display advertising overall increased 17.3 percent last year, easily outpacing any other media category.

Search engine marketing is the core method in driving visitors to a Web site. It is critical to have a franchise site that operates and functions correctly and is built for high rankings on the major search engines. Once at the Web site, visitors have the opportunity to make some important decisions about a product or service, whether it is a resort, a restaurant or home repair service. As an industry, SEM spent $2.8 billion in 2007, capturing 87.4 percent of Internet ad spending, according to Radar Research. Billions of transactions and searches are made annually on the Internet.

Every month, 203 million people in the United States (70 percent of the population) use the Internet. The Nielsen/Net Ratings reports that 99 percent of these users utilize a search engine at least once a week and 56 percent of them used a search engine daily. In fact, the Internet has, in many cases, replaced the telephone. Clearly SEM integrated into a traditional campaign is extremely cost effective.

The Internet, with franchise portals, pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and display-lead-generation is king. Since consumers have the ability to visit a...

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