An Outrageous Commitment: the 48 Vows of an Indestructible Marriage.

Author:Rust, Suzanne
Position::Brief Article - Book Review

by Ronn Elmore, Psy.D. HarperResource, April 2003 $22.95, ISBN 0-066-21130-1

Elmore is a relationship therapist, ordained minister and author, and he begins each chapter of this book with an imagined scenario between Adam and Eve dealing with day-to-day issues, followed by an imagined commentary by God. It is a curious setup, but the book comes to life when Elmore himself takes over, bringing his 15 years of clinical experience to the table, his 20 years in the ministry and his 21 years of marriage. In the preface, Elmore states, "Making the choice to give your love away freely, unconditionally, self-sacrificially--forever--is extraordinary, to say the feast. Making and keeping that choice again and again, day after day, is nothing short of miraculous."

This book is an invitation to perform miracles. Each...

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