Outfit your customers for success at shooting schools.

Author:Ayoob, Massad
Position:Lethal Force

Every year more shooting schools open in this country. The original schools -- Gunsite, Chapman Academy, Defense raining International and Lethal Force Institute -- have been joined by Thunder Ranch, American Small Arms Academy, Blackwater, SureFire Institute, Front Sight and many others. In addition, "traveling academies" bring the curriculum to you and your customers.

Students who attend these schools need firearms, ammo and other supplies and gear. I have run the Lethal Force Institute for nearly 22 years, and like most instructors, I don't see my job as selling ammo and gear to students. That's your job. I sell training.

And, after more than two decades of training shooters, they need your help. Like other trainers, I see students who are poorly prepared for a shooting course.

They have guns that jam because the firearms are cheap and junky, or they've been butchered with ill-advised customizing or aftermarket accessories. Sometimes, guns jam because they're...

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