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Dear Tech Guy,

My company is concerned with the rising cost of toner cartridges for laser printers. If I buy new, we eclipse the cost of the printer in no time. Because of recent budget concerns I am seriously considering compatible or recharged toner cartridges instead of new ones. Are the compatibles as good, and how are they stacking up compared to new?

Gregory Smith

Astro Laser Technology


Dear Greg,

The quick answer to your question is that recharged cartridges are not as reliable and don't work as long as new ones. However, this alone is not enough information to make the best decision. Maintenance, returns and service response times all affect the total printer service package.

I share your concern. In fact, I am also concerned about the repeated maintenance and upkeep to keep the laser printers at peak quality and reliability. I found a solution to all these issues in Laser Camp. This company sells toner for laser printers and provides maintenance for your printers free as long as you purchase toner...

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