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In Our Do'ers Profile, we highlight some of the hardworking and talented individuals in public human services. This issue features Tetrus Corporation, a technical vendor to APHSA and Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (AAICPC) responsible for building a national data exchange for ICPC information.

Key Members of the Tetrus Team: Sharad Rao, President and CEO; Tom Livoti, Director of Customer Support; Raghu Govindaraj, Vice President of Engineering; Susmita Linga, Senior Business Analyst, Chandra Jonelagadda, Chief Information Officer; and Michael Giammanco, Vice President of Program Management

Experience with TETRUS or Similar Projects: Although this was the first time working together, APHSA, AAICPC, and Tetrus soon formed a collaborative partnership based on mutual respect, collegiality, and individual expertise to build and deliver the National Electronic Interstate Compact Enterprise (NEICE) system to state child welfare agencies. The NEICE was developed as a pilot project with five states and the District of Columbia to exchange case data and documents electronically across state lines. The successful pilot reduced the time children were waiting to be adopted or placed in foster care across state boundaries, and has helped improve administration of the ICPC through better case tracking. In 2015, the partnership was expanded to take the NEICE system nationwide. NEICE is made possible by grant number 90XA0151 from the Children's Bureau. (1)

The members of the project team (APHSA, AAICPC, Tetrus, and the state pilots) have truly worked in partnership with a "can do" attitude to solve various issues that have arisen during the project. Rather than tell the project team that new requests "can't be done," Tetrus has consistently worked with the team to find and develop workable technical solutions.

Rewards of the Project: The biggest rewards of the project have been the reduction of timelines for placement decisions for children across state boundaries, and the savings in copying and mailing costs.

Some of the other rewards include the increased ability of states to share case data quickly and securely using national data standards, known as the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). Tetrus has brought its considerable technical expertise and experience with NIEM standards to bear on this project, and significantly elevated the overall quality of the information system developed....

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