OUR BLASTED FAULT!(Letters To The Editor) (Letter to the editor)

Author:Gant, Shelly W.

I've read Mr. Taffin's article in the April issue on the Smith & Wesson .44 Combat Magnum and was puzzled by the following sentence: "It's a glass-beaded stainless 5-shot DA sixgun." What's meant by glass-beaded? And I'd appreciate some clarification on the cylinder capacity. The revolvers I have are 5-shot .38 Specials and I enjoy shooting them immensely. Did I miss something? GUNS is a great publication and all of you are top-notch.

Mrs. Shelly W. Gant

Danvers, IL

Your confusion is entirely justified on two counts. First, the gun is an L-Frame instead of the larger N-Frame, but in order to chamber it in .44 Magnum, it was necessary for S&W engineers to go to a 5-shot cylinder. We've been using the term "sixguns" interchangeably for revolvers for so long, we simply...

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