Osvaldo Librizzi: Co-President for the Americas of Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Author:Labanca, Alejandra


Big international luxury hotels were relatively scarce in Latin America a decade ago. There were at best a few in the main dries, and the service there wasn't on a par with that of grand hotels in the great capitals of the world. Today; thanks to the region's huge economic growth, which is attracting business people and investors from all over the world, as well as policies that have generated greater purchasing power at home, Starwood, one of the leading chains in the luxury hotel industry, is launching an expansion.

"From the standpoint of our industry, we continue to lead in the upper, upscale segment, with in novations from the point of view of(the growing presence in the region of more of) our brands," Osvaldo Librizzi, co-president for the Americas of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, told Latin Trade.

"This enables us to position ourselves in various dries with distinctive hotels that are very differentiated, and each one responds to a different lifestyle."

Starwood, owner of the brand Sheraton, currently manages a portfolio of several brands that it refines to capture specific niches. The company now has 71 properties in operation in Latin America and 16 more planned or under construction, under eight different brands.

St. Regis is the most exclusive of the Starwood brands. The company aspires to position it as a hotel "for connoisseurs who want...

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