Orphan Ahwak.

Author:Largent, Avery
Position:Children's review - Book review

Orphan Ahwak

Raquel Rivera

Orca Book Pubishers

PO Box 468, Custer, WA 98240-0468

ISBN 9781551436531, $7.95, www.orcabook.com

"Orphan Ahwak" is an enjoyable adventure story about a young girl named Aneze. When all the men in her hometown are killed by warriors, and the women are all kidnapped, Aneze runs away and meets a kind old man who begins teaching her how to be a hunter like her father had been. Once she learns the skills necessary for a hunter, she goes off on her own and finds many exciting adventures.

Author Raquel Rivera writes with such good description of the characters that you can really relate to them. Even though the plot is exciting, the characters are another reason that keeps the reader turning the pages. My favorite character is Aneze because she is so bold, kind, and would make a very trustworthy friend. Aneze shows she is very brave and has the heart of a hero even if she has just suffered so much, and during the whole book she shows no signs of losing her head or mourning forevermore in her losses. Aneze holds her responsibility, however hard it is and keeps moving forward to stay alive.

The old man Aneze first finds home with is a very good character, too; he made a great friend for her the beginning and he builds back Aneze's strength. Aneze's friend Ketch and Ketch's family provide the family and home that Aneze was searching for. Even if Ketch and his family were nervous at first to Aneze's arrival, they quickly bond to her. Ketch makes almost a brother, as well as a friend, and Uncle and Aunt fill in as her mother and father, even though she does not forget her old parents or her hometown.

Aneze faces many life-threatening challenges, but...

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