SIC 0181 Ornamental Floriculture and Nursery Products


SIC 0181

This category includes establishments primarily engaged in the production of ornamental plants and other nursery products, such as bedding plants, bulbs, florists' greens, flowers, shrubbery, potted plants, flower and vegetable seeds and plants, and sod. These products may be grown outdoors, or under cover of a greenhouse, frame, cloth house, or lath house.



Floriculture Production


Nursery and Tree Production

The floriculture market continued to grow steadily during the mid-2000s, with $5.36 billion for 2005 and $5.28 billion for 2004 at wholesale for all growers with $100,000 or more in sales. While comprising 42 percent of all growers, operations with $100,000 or more in sales accounted for 95 percent of the total value of floriculture crops. The two largest state producers of U.S. floriculture—California at $962 million and Florida at $877 million—combined for 38 percent of production in 2005. Adding the next three largest-producing states, Michigan, Texas, and New York, the top five states accounted for $2.86 billion, or 53 percent of the total value of the industry in 2005.

With a wholesale value of $2.61 billion in 2005, bedding and garden plants rose 2 percent over 2004 figures and increased by more than $300 million since 2002. Other segments also increased in value: potted flowering plants, at $809 million, were up 1 percent from 2004 value; the foliage category, valued at $721 million for 2005, was up 5 percent from 2004; and cultivated greens, at $105 million, grew by 2 percent from 2004. The value of cut flowers, at $397 million in 2005, decreased by 4 percent from 2004, continuing a downward trend (in 2002 the value was $410 million, and that was the lowest figure since 1986). This segment of the industry suffered in part from increased foreign competition.

California, Michigan, Texas, Florida, and Ohio were the top producers of bedding plants, which accounted for 41 percent of the total bedding and garden value. Bedding plants included potted geraniums from cuttings and seed, which contributed the highest value to growers in 2005 at $162 million, down less than 1 percent from the previous year. Pansy/viola flats contributed the second largest amount at $111 million, followed closely by impatiens flats with $100 million. The number of growers producing bedding and garden plants in 2005 was 3,040, down 4 percent from 3,183 growers in 2004.

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