Origami Organizers: Joti Marra's simple and eco-friendly project helps make spring-cleaning a snap.

Author:Marra, Joti
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Spring has arrived and brought with it a well-known urge to tidy up messy places. These sweet origami boxes made from a magazine page or scrap paper can easily help you organize, and they're simple to make. Think of them as a way to add a bit of color, fun and, most importantly, good old-fashioned cleanliness to your drawers. They're perfect for holding craft or office supplies and electronic cables. (I like to wrap up my USB cables into little white nests and pack them in their own box for tangle-fee storage.) What's more, they double as perfect gift boxes! But, be warned: making them is quite addictive. (My boyfriend can attest; we had a huge, ever-growing pile of them covering our coffee table for the two weeks before I wrote this column!)

Joti Marra is a multi-talented, craft-obsessed Ashevillian who has been finding creative ways to make things since she first learned how to hold a crayon. To see more of her work, visit www.forestcreature.etsy.com and www.jotimarrajewelry.etsy.com.


Materials: Scissors and an old catalog or magazine, ruler, recycled paper or any scraps you don't need anymore. Note.-A mid-weight paper works best; although a thin paper will work, it makes a rather flimsy box!



Make sure you're starting with a perfect square piece of paper. It doesn't matter what size square--the bigger your paper, the bigger the box. Fold your paper edge to edge, or in half. Unfold and refold the opposite edge to edge so that you now have the paper ceased into quarters. It should look like four small squares. Then, fold in each corner so that they meet in the middle, creating a smaller square. Tip: You may want to use a scratch piece...

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