Orange Blossom Jurisprudence.

AuthorAndersen, J. Carter
PositionBook review

Orange Blossom Jurisprudence By Michael Cavendish

Reviewed by J. Carter Andersen and Shane G. Ramsey

Michael Cavendish has written a book that is a must read for all Florida lawyers and an insightful window into the philosophies of the Florida legal system for nonlawyers. For lawyers, Orange Blossom Jurisprudence offers useful law and useful ideas for law practices. For nonlawyer participants in Florida courts and concerned Florida citizens alike, Orange Blossom Jurisprudence is a quick and interesting read that explains unseen aspects of the Florida legal system.

Orange Blossom Jurisprudence is a collection of five essays that provide insightful guidance on topics unique to Florida. The first essay explores the roots and essence of Florida common law, the lex non scripta, or uncodified law, written by the Florida Supreme Court.

In the second essay Cavendish looks into the role and function of the Florida district courts of appeal and describes their "diagonal authority" over trial courts situated outside of their geographic limits. Writing as practicing lawyers, we suggest that the practical usefulness of the information conveyed in this section of the book alone makes Orange Blossom Jurisprudence well worth its cover price.

The third and fourth essays are narrower in focus, offering examples of the creation of two divergent portions of Florida common law. First up is the timely and ever-evolving matter of the law covering intentional misrepresentation claims arising from residential real estate sales. This essay, originally written prior to the advent of the widespread financial troubles now...

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