Land the opportunity of a lifetime. Pursuing the American dream.

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At age 23, Spaniard Juan Gavilan decided his future lay in America. Industrious and hard-working, the personable Juan just knew that if he could get to America he could find the opportunity that he so desired. So, Juan borrowed enough money for a ticket to America from his grandmother and he set off for Florida.

"My first job when I arrived was working as a cook in a KFC restaurant," he says, retracing his pathway. It took six months of cooking for Juan to be able to repay his grandmother. "I did not come to this country to work for minimum wage," Juan says. He had a dream of owning his own business someday.

Over a five-year period, Juan moved from cook to assistant manager to RGM and Market Coach of nine KFC Corporate restaurants in Miami.

In 1981, Juan bought his first KFC restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida.

Today, Juan's company, JAHA Chicken, Inc. owns one KFC restaurant in Delray Beach and two KFC restaurants in Boynton Beach and each average significantly above the system's average store sales.

Juan's franchise has been rated # 1 in Yum's! restaurant scoring system for the last 8 years. In 2004, one of Juan's restaurants in Boynton Beach achieved three perfect scores in a row. "When it comes to serving customers and treating people well, I feel like we're the best," he says of his KFC team.

Juan has made KFC his life, and he feels rewarded for it. "The best thing that ever happened to me, second only to meeting my wife...

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