OneSpartanburg Inc. seeks feedback for five-year strategy.

OneSpartanburg Inc.,which is creating its second five-year development strategy, is lending an ear to county residents through an onlinesurvey.

The community and economic development roadmap, dubbed OneSpartanburg Vision Plan 2.0, will be designed based on data and survey feedback with goals of increasing the quality of life in the region and the county's competitiveness on the job, talent and investment fronts, according to a news release.

Selected to develop the plan, Broad Ripple Strategies will lead a 49-person steering committee through four planning phases over a six-month period. Halsey Cook, president and CEO ofMilliken; Bruce Holstein, president & CEO ofSpartanburg Regional Healthcare Systemand Geordy Johnson, CEO ofJohnson Development Associates, are serving as steering committee co-chairs.

"Thanks to the unwavering support of our investors and partners, Spartanburg has made historic economic progress since the launch of the first Vision Plan in January 2017," Allen Smith, president and CEO of One Spartanburg Inc., said in the release. "However, economic development efforts are longer term in nature even generational. Under the leadership of the executive board, OneSpartanburg Vision Plan...

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