One More Sheep.

Author:Bailey, Carolyn
Position:Children's review - Book review

Work Title: One More Sheep

Work Author(s): Mij Kelly; Russell Ayto, illustrator

Peachtree Publishers

Color illustrations, 32 pages, Hardcover $16.95

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 1561453781

Reviewer: Carolyn Bailey

Anyone can count sheep to fall asleep, but staying awake while counting them, well, that's a different story. Sam the shepherd often dozes off while counting his ten sheep after he's safely tucked them into bed for the night. When a wolf in sheep's clothing of course) tries to infiltrate the flock, the sheep make every effort to keep their shepherd awake and counting, so he'll realize that there is an extra animal in their midst.

This fresh twist on the age-old practice of counting sheep is launched to zany heights by the dramatic rhyming text and colorful, cartoonish illustrations. The author received a star from Booklist for a previous bedtime story, William and the Night Train, and this story promises a similar dose of satisfying bedtime whimsy. When Sam sadly informs the sheep, "You're a first-class ticket to the land of Nod," they react in the extreme, criticizing his "appalling attitude" and then gearing up for a counting kickline that is depicted in a vibrant...

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