On White Noise.

Author:Acunto, Steve

* This is a holiday letter as 2018 closes, but I cannot wax too poetically about the season or the past year, given the great insurance professionals we lost and given this past year's growing factionalism in seemingly everything. I mean everything. The incessant white noise, the insane bickering on TV, whether its Fox or MSNBC or just Chris Cuomo and KellyAnne Conway on CNN slapping each other verbally, interrupting and getting... no where, or those crowded restaurants with boosted ambient amps of throbbing music to make you eat faster or shout louder or that infernal repetition of Santa Claus and his reindeer songs in every store everywhere to make you buy more, faster and perhaps under a spirit of some nostalgia. While I like a lot of what the President has done, I admit to Trump fatigue, ennui, irritation, malaise. I really do not care about Stormy Daniels or Michael Cohen or Menendez of Ocasio Cortez or the many arrests of public officials or the cast of characters to whom we have been treated--on both sides of the aisle--this past year. For one, I care about getting past it all to some new plateau of public discourse. America is electing crooks and major incompetents in the absence of the best and the brightest stepping up. We are at risk of mediocrity as a nation and strangulation of our sense of national pride, as a consequence. Were it not for...

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