On 'Rocketship Lands in Milwaukee' by Barbara Miner.

AuthorBurns, Steven
PositionFrom Our Website - Letter to the editor

This is sloppy journalism at best. Ms. Miner neglects to mention her conflict of interest (she is married to the head of the Milwaukee teachers union) and mischaracterized many aspects of Rocketship. In addition to neglecting to describe what happens in the classroom (where the real learning happens), Miner assumes corruption because of the school's approach to facilities. The fact of the matter is public charter schools don't have access to public funds to build schools like traditional public schools do.

Rocketship offers tours to anybody who is interested in learning about their programs. Sign up and see for yourself before you agree with Miner's biased opinions. Also recognize 6,000+ parents choose to enroll their kids in Rocketship for a reason.

Barbara Miner replies:

Mr. Burns does not dispute any specific facts in my article, so he throws up smoke and mirrors.

Yes, I am proudly married to Bob Peterson, a fifth grade teacher who three years ago was elected president of the Milwaukee's teachers'...

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