On mament.


I recall a photograph of the first editorial board of Der Moment, the Warsaw Yiddish daily whose name we have taken for ourselves. Ten men, impressively bearded, in a

Warsaw wood, stiff and serious before the photographer, a picture of our grandfathers. I see even the photographer, smell faintly the powder of his flash. Der Moment became a mass circulation newspaper, and lived until it was murdered together with Polish Jewry. Its first crusade was against a boycott of Jewish stores that threatened Jewish safety in Warsaw, and the photo shows a minyan of editors who seem preoccupied, aware of their role not only in journalism but also in history. As are we. History runs in two directions, future as well as past. We now know things the editors of Der Moment did not know, could not have known. The worst possibilities are now memories for us. But the best, the very best possibilities are also now part of our world, we can touch them and know they are not imaginings. We know that in spite of all...

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