Bulimics on Bulimia.

AuthorEdmunds, Robin Farrell
PositionBook review

Work Title: Bulimics on Bulimia

Work Author(s): Maria Stavrou, editor

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Softcover $19.95 (160pp)


ISBN: 9781843106685

Reviewer: Robin Farrell Edmunds

"I decided to eat a graham cracker, just one, then two, three, four, the whole box, went back to the cupboard, macaroni and cheese, ravioli, cereal, an entire can of frosting, cake mix, to the fridge, milk, ice cream, cheese. I just kept going and going, eat, run to the bathroom, [throw up], do it all again. [Within] just a few hours of being home, I'd managed to eat everything in the house."

This is a glimpse of one girl's reality as she writes of her struggle with the eating disorder known as bulimia. Hers is one of nineteen voices describing life with the disorder, which is characterized by binge eating, followed by getting rid of, or "purging," the unwanted food by either self-induced vomiting or fasting and excessive exercise.

Though each story is unique in its personal details, there are certain similarities that run throughout. Adolescence and puberty are quite often the jumping off point, and depression and obsession with body weight are evident.

Stavrou, who has a degree in psychology and lives in London, compiled the writings to give insight into what life is like for those currently living with bulimia. Mental health professionals, such as counselors and psychologists working with patients with this condition, will benefit from the information; the book will also resonate...

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