Omet introduces 'Rock'n'Roll' and 'Easy-Strip' for matrix stripping efficiency.

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Matrix stripping is one of the key steps of the entire label production workflow. Thanks to the new evolution of Omet's "Rock'n'Roll" stripping system and the introduction of the new "Easy-Strip" unit, this critical stage has become an added-value to all Omet machines. These two technical solutions allow for increased production speed and the ability to keep perfect diecutting shapes, avoiding any issue caused by special substrates or complex label shapes.

Rock'n'Roll is the module designed for the easy removal of matrix stripping waste without interfering on the performance of the machine, Thanks to the new "Dual Function" capability, it can work in two different ways according to the type of substrate and the diecutting shape: either as contact-style or as a tower-style system. This new development makes all Omet's machines more flexible and efficient, providing them with the ability to overcome a critical soft point typical of other machines, Omet says.

The brand new "Easy-Strip"...

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