Omet focusing on multi-process presses, Lean printing.

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The Omet Group's turnover in 2011 was the highest its ever been - $89 million, of which $64 million came from the company's machines division, which is responsible for the production of narrow and mid-web. printing presses and tissue converting machines. The other companies of the Group are Omet Systems in Motion, manufacturing ball bearings systems and O-PAC, active in the wipes industry.

Omet Srl.; headquartered in Lecco, Italy, is responsible for machine manufacturing, and has three subsidiaries lworldwide: abet Iberica in Barcelona - responsible for Latin America - Omet China based in Suzhou, and the recently founded Omet Americas inc., based in Michigan, USA. For Omit, this translates to 24/7 customer service availability and local support in some of the most strategic areas of the world.

The company is not meting on its laurels but continuing to market through the ongoing innovation of its products, the refresh of its brand image and a deep internal reorganization that has the objective to go Lean on every aspect of the enterprise's: production, processes, communication, and pre-and post-sales assistance.

I he adoption of Lean principles has been a key focus of new Omei technology. Omet's range includes inline presses with all-in-one-pass capability and a multi-process approach, meaning the inline combination of different technologies (UV and solvent-based flexo, offset, screen, digital, rotogravure, foiling, etc.) and converting equipment to build a "unique, scalable machine and a new vision for the modern converter." Omet says.

Working on a multi-process inline press provides several advantages: the machine configuration is strictly dependent from the job to print. Whether it's printing PS materia, film, multi-layer or carton, the printer can switch on and off only the technologies needed. Flexo can be replaced with screen, and finishing units can be placed strategically on the rail - whether it's cold foil, hot stamping, etc.

Also on the press, converters have the opportunity to use a rotogravure unit to laminate inline or manage hot glue melting or cold seals. The machine's servo controls and performance control systems (Vision-1 or Vision-2, single or multi-camera register systems) allow the use of practically any substrate with few automatic adjustments to perform. The electronic equipment of the presses minimize human intervention, and eventual error.

Omet, while noting that only one press operator is heeded, offers a Lean...

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