Olin, Sean. Killing Britney.

Author:Melaugh, Mary
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

OLIN, Sean. Killing Britney. Simon & Schuster. 234p. c2005. 0-689-87778-1. $8.99. S

After years as a geek, Britney Johnson has remade herself and achieved prestige as the high school "hockey wife" of Ricky Piekowski, a star defenseman on the La Follette Rabid Raccoons varsity team. Unfortunately, Ricky dies in a horrible accident, mangled by a red pickup truck on his way home from their latest date. In La Follette, there has been a strange accumulation of deaths in the recent past. Other high school students have died, and Britney's mom disappeared during the family's whitewater rafting trip after warning people that she feared she wouldn't come back from the adventure. Britney's young life has been surrounded by tragedy, but will she be able to escape being the victim herself this time?

As the body count mounts, a sense of foreboding builds to what...

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