Old winter's song: the nights are still long.

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The days may in reality be getting longer but, to be honest, those winter nights don't seem to be getting any shorter. So, by all means, do not get caught in the dark. Weighing in at roughly three ounces and measuring just four inches long, the Icon Link flashlight has an integrated caribiner clip, so there's no excuse not to keep it with you.

Hook it to a belt loop, handbag, etc., and its high-output LED and TIR lens produce a brilliant beam that's tightly focused at the high or low setting. Machined from durable, high-strength aluminum, Link's compact, modern body has an ergonomic, clickable switch on the tailcap to toggle between two output levels. It is water-proof to one meter for 30 minutes.

The Irix II Headlamp, meanwhile, allows for hands-free...

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