Oklahomaa[euro][TM]s Carlisle Indian School Immortals.

Position:Book review

Tom Benjey (author), Lone Star Dietz (illustrator), Bob Carroll (illustrator); OKLAHOMAA[euro][TM]S CARLISLE INDIAN SCHOOL IMMORTALS; Tuxedo Press (Sports) $14.95 ISBN: 9781936161201

Not long after the Civil War, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School was established at an abandoned Army post in Pennsylvania to provide a largely technical education to young American Indians. The initial student body was male, largely populated by the sons of Lakota chiefs. aBoys had little economic value when confined to reservations because they could not longer hunt buffalo or make war,a Benjey writes.

Started as an experiment in 1879 to educate Indians and prepare them for assimilation into American culture, Carlisle soon became renowned for its football teams. Although Carlisle was not a college, it competed with collegiate teams. In 1896, Carlisle played and lost to lofty opponentsathe aBig Foura (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Pennsylvania State University)abut still posted a 4-4 season. And this was just the start. By 1907 Carlisle had won against both Penn State and Harvard. The football program, which author Tom Benjey recounts with each seasonas highlights, including details about players and politics alike, ended when the vaunted Carlisle Indian School closed in 1918.

Glenn Scobey aPopa Warner became Carlisleas coach in 1899. This young man, who would become legendary, was paid $1,200 plus expenses for the season. According to Benjey, athe football world would be forever changed when aThe Old Foxa took the coaching reins.a Except for a few seasons, Warner coached from 1899 through...

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