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Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet gets credit for developing Latin Americas economic success story--as well as blame for the disappearance of 3,000 dissidents under his reign. Yet critics and supporters have in the past largely agreed that the retired general was, at least, honest. But a recent U.S. Senate report found that U.S. financial institution Riggs Bank hid up to US$8 million for Pinochet. The fallout has stained the 88-year-old's reputation as a ruler who kept his hand out of the cookie jar.

"It's impossible that that fortune is amassed from the savings of a commander-in-chief."

--Eugenio Tuma, Chilean Congressman (Bloomberg)

"We have the most absolute assurance that General Pinochet didn't incur in any act of corruption."

--Pablo Rodriguez, Pinochet's lawyer (Radio Chilena)

"Now you can say we are the equal to the dictatorship of any banana republic."

--Alejandro Navarro, Chilean Congressman (Los Angeles...

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