Correctional officer wages and benefits table 6: retirement plans.

Position:Statistical table

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER WAGES and BENEFITS TABLE 6: RETIREMENT PLANS SYSTEM YEARS SERVED FOR 100% AGE FOR RETIREMENT VESTMENT ALABAMA 25 60 ALASKA No response ARIZONA 10 Based on years of service ARKANSAS 5 65 or 28 years of service CALIFORNIA Varies 50 COLORADO 5 65 CONNECTICUT 10 No mini-mum for hazardous duty staff DELAWARE 30 55 or 30 years of service at any age FLORIDA 25 Any age GEORGIA 10 Any age HAWAI N/A 55 IDAHO 5 Minimum of age 49 (4) ILLINOIS No response INDIANA 10 Years of service/age to equal 85 IOWA 4 55 KANSAS 5 No Response KENTUCKY 5 Years of service LOUISIANA 40 Earliest, 38 MAINE N/A 55 MARYLAND 5 N/A MASSACHUSETTS 20; 10 if over age 55 Any; vestment proto-col basis MICHIGAN 25 if age 51; 10 years if age 56 (5) MINNESOTA 3 Variable MISSISSIPPI 3 60 or after 25 years of service MISSOURI 5 Variable MONTANA 5 50 NEBRASKA 3 55 NEVADA 20 Any age NEW HAMPSHIRE 20 45 mini-mum; 62 mandatory NEW JERSEY 25 years for 70% Varies NEW MEXICO 25 years for 80% Based on years of service NEW YORK 5 or 10 based on tier N/A level NORTH CAROLINA 30 Varies NORTH DAKOTA 3 N/A OHIO 5 Vanes (8) OKLAHOMA Varies (9) N/A OREGON 5 55 PENNSYLVANIA 3 50 RHODE ISLAND 10 55 SOUTH CAROLINA 5 55 SOUTH DAKOTA 3 Rule of 75 (age plus years of service) TENNESSEE 5 60 or 30 years of service TEXAS Based on age and months of creditable service UTAH 4 Varies VERMONT 5 65 or with 30 years of service VIRGINIA 5 or 25 Varies (12) WASHINGTON 5 65 (60 with 10 years of service) WEST VIRGINIA 5 Rule of 60 WISCONSIN N/A 50 WYOMING 4 N/A CANADIAN SYSTEM ONTARIO 2 65 or rule of 90 PLAN TYPES IN EFFECT SYSTEM State plan/ State plan and State plan and State Social Security/ Social deferred plan deferred Security only ALABAMA Yes No No No ALASKA ARIZONA Yes Yes Yes Yes ARKANSAS Yes No Yes No CALIFORNIA No No Yes Yes COLORADO No No No Yes CONNECTICUT Yes No No No DELAWARE Yes No No No FLORIDA Yes No No No GEORGIA Yes No No No HAWAI Yes Yes Yes Yes IDAHO Yes Yes No No ILLINOIS INDIANA Yes No No No IOWA Yes No No No KANSAS Yes No No No KENTUCKY Yes No No No LOUISIANA No No No Yes MAINE No No Yes No MARYLAND No No No No MASSACHUSETTS No No Yes No MICHIGAN Yes Yes Yes Yes MINNESOTA No No No No MISSISSIPPI Yes Yes Yes No MISSOURI Yes No No No MONTANA Yes (6) No No No NEBRASKA No No Yes Yes NEVADA No No Yes Yes NEW HAMPSHIRE Yes Yes Yes Yes NEW JERSEY NEW MEXICO Yes Yes Yes No NEW YORK Yes No No No NORTH CAROLINA Yes No Mo No NORTH DAKOTA Yes Yes Yes No OHIO No No No Yes OKLAHOMA OREGON No...

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