Correctional officer wages and benefits table 5: paid miscellaneous.

Position:Statistical table

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER WAGES and BENEFITS TABLE 5: PAID MISCELLANEOUS SYSTEM EDUCATION CHILD CARE HOUSING ALABAMA No No No ALASKA No response ARIZONA No No Staff housing is available at a few complexes. ARKANSAS A 2% reimbursement No Available for depending on degree majors and above earned above required qualification CALIFORNIA Incentive pay plan Unknown Available in in effect certain locations COLORADO Program is No No suspended temporarily CONNECTICUT Varies by contract No No. previously and limited to phased out predetermined maximum funding also available to managers DELAWARE Yes, but not No No specified FLORIDA Tuition waivers at No No state colleges/ universities on a space-available basis GEORGIA A bonus is paid No No upon completion of a degree. HAWAII No No No IDAHO No No No ILLINOIS No response INDIANA Various options are A dependent For select staff available. care flexible Who are required spending to live on account is grounds or be on available for call to facility all state 24/7 employees. IOWA Collective No No bargaining agreement KANSAS No No No KENTUCKY Tuition assistance No No is available. LOUISIANA None specified None specified None specified MAINE No No No MARYLAND None specified None specified None specified MASSACHUSET TS Tuition only to No No state colleges MICHIGAN Provided through No No contract negotiations only when appropriated MINNESOTA No Option to No participate in pretax benefit plan for dependent care MISSISSIPPI No No No MISSOURI No No No MONTANA No No No NEBRASKA After completing a A dependent No 6-month probation, care flexible 100% of the spending University of account Nebraska rate for 15 credit hours per fiscal year NEVADA Only when available No No through group funding NEW HAMPSHIRE Some reimbursement No No but must be preapproved and job related. NEW JERSEY Reimbursed when No No financially available to the department NEW MEXICO No Employee is No eligible to participate as an elected benefit. NEW YORK 100% of covered No No tuition up to $1,200 annually NORTH CAROLINA Currently suspended No No due to the budget OHIO Reimbursements are Statewide No made through dependent care bargaining units. program OKLAHOMA No No No (wardens and deputy wardens only) OREGON Some assistance for A dependent No continuing care flexible education spending plan PENNSYLVANIA No No No RHODE ISLAND For pursuit of No No advanced degree in law enforcement: 12 credits, $1.000; 25 credits. $1,500; 60 credits, $2.000; 120...

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