Correctional officer wages and benefits table 4: paid insurance.

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CORRECTIONAL OFFICER WAGES and BENEFITS TABLE 4: PAID INSURANCE SYSTEM LIFE INSURANCE HEALTH INSURANCE ALABAMA Part of retirement plan PPO 80/20 type plan with limited vision care via partners ALASKA No response ARIZONA $15.000 Basic Life Various plans from which to insurance provided at no choose cost to the employee. ARKANSAS Yes, but not specified Yes, but not specified CALIFORNIA N/A Eligible when permanent or limited-term appointment for at least six months and a day or on a half-time basis COLORADO $50,000 Basic Life and $627.10 per month for AD&D to each employee employee, plus $868.98 per month for spouse and children CONNECTICUT Optional, at group rates Several plans at group rates available to all state available to all state employees employees DELAWARE Optional life insurance Employee and state pay for paid by the employee: optional plans. employer pays a $2,000 policy FLORIDA Employee pays 20% of PPO and other plans, with costs. employees paying from $15 to $50 per month for single coverage or $64 to $80 per month for family plans GEORGIA Optional plans paid by Optional plans paid by the the employee employee HAWAII Group Life policy, 100% Optional plans paid by the paid by the employer employer at 60% of cost IDAHO Basic Life insurance is Participation is optional provided at no cost; for a few different plans optional supplemental and rates are based on the plans also are offered. plan. ILLINOIS No response INDIANA Yes, but not specified Yes, but not specified IOWA Determined through Determined through collective bargaining collective bargaining agreement agreement KANSAS Optional plans are Yes, but not specified available. KENTUCKY State pays State contributes from $575.42 to $965.12 per month, depending on the plan. LOUISIANA Optional plans are Optional plans are available available to be paid by to be paid by the employee. the employee. MAINE Yes, but not specified Yes, but not specified MARYLAND Yes, but not specified Yes, but not specified MASSACHUSETTS Yes, but not specified Yes, but not specified MICHIGAN Yes, but not specified Yes, but not specified MINNESOTA The state provides and Employees may participate in pays for term life group insurance if scheduled coverage for eligible to work at least 1.044 hours employer contributions within 12 months; rules with the amount based on apply for eligibility for the employee's annual employer contributions. salary. MISSISSIPPI Yes. but not specified Yes. but not specified...

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