Office of Science and Technology Policy


Office of Science and Technology Policy

New Executive Office Building, 725 17th Street NW., Washington, DC 20502

Phone, 202-456-7116. Fax, 202-456-6021. Internet,

Director John H. Marburger III

Associate Director for Science Kathie L. Olsen

Associate Director for Technology Richard M. Russell

Executive Secretary for the National Science and Christopher Flaherty

Technology Council

Executive Director for the President's Committee Stanley Sokul

of Advisors on Science and Technology


The Office of Science and Technology Policy was established within the Executive Office of the President by the National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976 (42 U.S.C. 6611).

The Office serves as a source of scientific, engineering, and technological analysis and judgment for the President with respect to major policies, plans, and programs of the Federal Government. In carrying out this mission, the Office advises the President of scientific and technological considerations involved in areas of national concern, including the economy, national security, health, foreign relations, and the...

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