Office of Personnel Management



1900 E Street NW., Washington, DC 20415-0001

Phone, 202-606-1800. Internet,

Director Dan G. Blair, Acting

Deputy Director Dan G. Blair

Chief of Staff Tricia Hollis, Acting

Senior Advisor for Homeland Security (vacancy)

Program Director for E-Government Initiatives Norman Enger

Program Director, Federal Prevailing Rate Mary Rose

Advisory Committee

Inspector General Patrick E. McFarland

Director, Office of Congressional Relations John C. Gartland

Associate Director, Strategic Human Resources Ronald Sanders


Associate Director, Human Resources Products and Stephen Benowitz


Associate Director, Human Capital and Merit Marta Brito Perez


Director, Communications and Public Liaison Scott Hatch

Associate Director, Management and Chief Clarence Crawford

Financial Officer

General Counsel Mark A. Robbins


The Office of Personnel Management administers a merit system to ensure compliance with personnel laws and regulations and assists agencies in recruiting, examining, and promoting people on the basis of their knowledge and skills, regardless of their race, religion, sex, political influence, or other nonmerit factors. Its role is to provide guidance to agencies in operating human resources programs which effectively support their missions and to provide an array of personnel services to applicants and employees. The Office supports Government program managers in their human resources management responsibilities and provides benefits to employees, retired employees, and their survivors.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was created as an independent establishment by Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1978 (5 U.S.C. app.), pursuant to Executive Order 12107 of December 28, 1978. Many of the functions of the former United States Civil Service Commission were transferred to OPM.



Employee Benefits OPM manages numerous activities that directly affect the well-being of the Federal employee and indirectly enhance employee effectiveness. These include health benefits,life insurance,and retirement benefits.

Examining and Staffing The Office of Personnel Management is responsible for providing departments and agencies with technical assistance and guidance in examining competitive positions in the Federal civil service for General Schedule grades 1 through 15 and Federal Wage system positions. In addition, OPM is responsible for the following duties:

--providing testing and examination services, at the request of an agency, on a reimbursable basis;


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