Ex-offenders wash cars in Kansas City.

Author:Gormsen, Lia
Position:News Briefs - Brief article

A car wash owner in Kansas City, Mo., employs about 20 former felons, reported the Kansas City Star. All Seasons Car Wash owner Gene Krahenbuhl has been hiring ex-offenders for 10 years. They range in age from 18 to 60 and have been convicted of such things as writing bad checks, robbery, sex offenses and assault. "I don't really care. I'm not judging," said Krahenbuhl. "It has become very evident to me that these people just need a chance."

Krahenbuhl, who pays his employees minimum wage, has been known to give second, third and even fourth chances. "I encourage them that if they can get a better job, they should go after it," Krahenbuhl said. He teaches workers basic work...

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