Of Signatures and Branding.

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The New York State Senate passed Auto Insurance Consumer Relief Act, a bill to make CARCO inspections optional at the discretion of insurance carriers.

Communications from agents, meetings with lawmakers and a spate of calls and e-mails and petitions did it. Employer associations across NY helped the Big I and the PIA and the other organizations participating.

Whereas many consumers were required to get a photo inspection of their vehicle within 14 days of purchase, the new bill would allow insurance companies to choose if or when photo inspections need to be performed.

College degree in Branding... Thanks to newly passed legislation, collegiate athletes in New York State will now be able to earn compensation from the use of their name, image, and likeness (NIL) without jeopardizing their own academic and athletic eligibility, an effort that has been years in the making and rights a wrong that, until now, had put opportunity out of range for some of our most promising young athletes. Collegiate players, many who come from traditionally marginalized communities, will now have the opportunity to afford basic quality of life expenses outside of tuition, and room and board thanks to a long-fought-for bill that just passed in the final hours of the legislative session. In New York State, collegiate programs have historically reaped the benefits of their student athletes' star power without passing on that financial gain to the athletes themselves. For many from low-income families, athletics has been a path to access higher education. Now, in New York, student-athletes can further use their athletic skill as a tool to further their family's upward mobility, whether they make it to the professional level or not. Last June, the NCAA announced an interim policy allowing college athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness. The policy provided guidance to college athletes, recruits, their families and member schools including...

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