Occupational Rehabilitation.

AuthorFineblum, Carol

I like to read many sources. I have an open mind at age ninety-three.

When my husband entered Stalag 11b in Germany during World War II, he knew he had to help his starving buddies. So when Red Cross packages arrived, he took out the cigarettes and took them into the British compound to trade for bread. As he entered the British compound, he heard Hebrew spoken. And although he knew only Biblical Hebrew not conversational, he stopped dead.

"Who are you?" he asked the three emaciated men before him. "We are Jews from Samaria [West Bank]."

"And what are you doing here?" my husband asked in his limited Hebrew.

"We had volunteered with our occupiers, the British, to defeat Hitler and were fighting in Tobruk, North Africa, in 1941." Yes, they had been there for three years. On their shirts the word "PALESTINE" was sewn. They, dear progressives, are the Palestinians. They are the ancient Jews of...

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