Obama's parting shots.

Author:Codrea, David

Due to lead times needed to produce, publish and distribute a hard copy magazine, this column is being written in the final months of the Obama administration with the general election still a month away. Long story short, the guy NRA has called "the most anti-gun president in American history" isn't going away without doing everything in his power to impose infringements he couldn't get passed by the people's representatives.

The "big three" in his anti-gun executive overreach swan song? The Arms Trade Treaty, crippling State Department rules and "fees" for gunsmiths, and ceding US control of the internet to the globalists.

Not having a crystal ball, I can't say whether these will still represent the immediate dangers they do now. A lot will happen before this issue of GUNS makes it to the newsstand or your mailbox and only then will we know if the threats are being sidelined or intensified.

"The Obama administration upped its commitment to get the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty ratified, a tall order since a bipartisan coalition of 50 senators have already said they oppose the gun treaty Secretary of State John Kerry signed three years ago," The Daily Signal reported. "Second Amendment advocates are concerned the treaty could provide an international law rationalization for a national gun registry in the United States, and is overly vague."

"[T]he Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty in Geneva, Switzerland ... marked a clear shift in US strategy for dealing with this international gun control effort," NRAs Institute for Legislative Action reported. Mexico's representative wasted no time blaming US guns for Mexico's cartel problem, with history seemingly repeating itself. That's just what they and the Obama administration were saying while ATF was allowing Operation Fast and Furious guns to "walk" across the border to make just that case.

"[T]he US delegation's marked shift in position is so significant, and why every American should be concerned with not only their delegation's open support of the ATT, but their promise that they are working towards ratifying it at the first available opportunity," ILA warned.

"Given Obama's record of expansively interpreting statutes--and even ignoring them--we have to assume that the UN Arms Trade Treaty would be implemented in the broadest possible manner," Gun Owners of America weighed in. "The goal appeared to be put everything in place so a future, Democrat-dominated Senate...

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