Obama needs an avatar.

Position:FINALWORD - Barack Obama

IN THE RECENT CINEMATIC SPECTACULAR AVATAR, directed by James Cameron, creator of Titanic, a paraplegic Marine, Jake Sully, is dispatched to Pandora, a moon of the planet Polyphemus, some 4.3 light years from Earth, that is inhabited by gentle, innocent natives who call themselves the Na'vi. Substituting for his deceased brother, Jake is an unwitting foot soldier in the service of a creepy military-industrial company (read: Halliburton) seeking to strip mine Pandora's pristine woodland paradise for its rich deposits of the mineral unobtanium (really), which can save Earth from its energy crisis. The conceit of this extraordinary computer-generated graphics confection is the Avatar Program, a biotech-on-steroids program that enables people to link with their own avatar, a genetically bred human-Na'vi hybrid. Through his avatar body, Jake is able to walk again, permitting him to romp with the noble nine-foot-tall Na'vi, who are, of course, innocent of knowledge of the value of the coveted ore, much less the profit motive driving the evil mining corporation and its thug-gish mercenaries (read: Blackwater).

The plot line, a comic book of progressive left politics, captures the Zeitgeist perfectly--business bashing and nature worship. As our lead feature in this issue, "Bull's-eye!", suggests, business leaders have come to feel that the Obama Administration has painted a target on their backs. America may be the land of entrepreneurs, but it's China and India who have liberated their enterprise creators while ours are increasingly wrapped in regulatory chains and await waterboarding by healthcare "reform" and cap-and-trade legislation.

Who us, antibusiness? Obama will have none of it. Last July he told...

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