Want a Nuclear Free Future? Join WILPF's DISARM! Leadership Team.

Author:Harrington, Margaret
Position:Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

WILPF has long realized that nuclear weapons production, waste and power all seriously threaten the health of our bodies and our planet. A succession of polls has shown that most of humankind, including as many as 70 percent of U.S. citizens (according to Peace Action polls), agree with us that use of nuclear weapons in war is unthinkable, and that nuclear weapons must be abolished globally.

Now, with the new U.S. president promising to make the abolition of nuclear weapons a goal of his agenda, we have the best opportunity for forward progress. (It was almost 15 years ago, in fact, that the likes of Jesse Helms and Newt Gingrich gained control of Congress and prevented ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.)

We believe the year 2009 will be a key one for making progress towards a Nuclear Free Future, with abolition of both nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Much of the work will be at the local level in our communities, but we will also be lobbying Congress and supporting negotiations at the U.N. Check our web pages, accessible from the WILPF site, for details on how to get involved in this effort.


WILPF members are invited to join the DISARM! Leadership Team from April 24 to 29. when we'll lobby Congress and administration staff to abolish nuclear weapons, stop the building of nuclear power plants, and clean-up nuclear waste. We will receive a full day of training on nuclear issues and effective lobbying from the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) which, like WILPF, calls for abolition. Then for three days we will visit our own Congressional offices and lobby alongside experts from ANA, as well as members of Peace Action, Women's Action for New Directions, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and similar organizations. Evenings will be full with ANA activities, but on Saturday and Wednesday evenings we'll hold our own sessions on sharing WILPF's unique contributions with Congress and other NGOs. We will also strategize on how best to lobby in our home districts and educate our communities while we work together on achieving our common goals.


Members are also encouraged to attend the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Prep Com at the U.N. in New York during the sessions from May 4-15. This will be an opportunity to meet with ambassadors from many of the 190 nations which have ratified the treaty. This time we will have the...

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