Now for their next number, "a waltz to prison".

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After a year-long run of nine successful bank robberies, Greece's most notorious heist trio is two-thirds in custody. The robberies, and the distraction tactics used by two of the crooks, got wide publicity. As far as we know, these guys are still the world's only Dancing Bank Robbers.

In their last job at the Athena Bank in Athens, two of the suspects suddenly broke into a seemingly impromptu dance performance in the middle of the bank. No, we're not sure if they were doing a Fred Astaire interpretation or a modern rap-in-your face ballet.

While folks watched the show, the third crook leaped behind the counter and carried out the serious end of the stickup business.

Finally, enough people realized what was going on and grabbed the fancy-dancers--but the bagman got away. The reports we have do not reveal just bow well the dancers performed. Just the same, they will have a lot of time to perfect their act in the government's private, if not dreary, show palace.

The bagman was, at last report, still on the show circuit. He might be looking for some talented new dance partners, if you're interested.

Say That Again!

Deshon Rene Odom admitted he had a loaded revolver stuck in the waistband of his pants when he robbed a Los Angeles bank in 1996. People saw it, and yon know, they might have gotten the idea that he might use it. But that wasn't enough for the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. They threw out his conviction for armed robbery because he didn't mention the gun when he demanded money.

While Odom and an accomplice carried out the heist, he kept his revolver stuck in his pants, only showing it when he raised his jacket to stuff a pillowcase full of money out of sight. That, saith the 9th Circuit, doesn't cut it for armed robbery.

Dang! We just realized this isn't funny except in a sick, twisted, maniacal sorta way. Guess you'd have to either have some kinda brain damage--or be an appellate court judge. Hey, at least they didn't order his gun and loot returned to him!

The Semi-Auto Finger

The old, tried-an'-true pointy-finger-in-the-pocket trick has worked thousands if not millions of times, convincing people there's a pistol where there's none. But to make it effective, you...

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