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The Round House

By Louise Erdrich


LITERARY - A woman is raped and beaten on an Ojibwe reservation, and her 13-year-old son decides to investigate. (**** SELECTION Jan/Feb 2013)

Telegraph Avenue

By Michael Chabon

LITERARY - Chabon offers a story about family, friendship, and the healing qualities of nostalgia. (**** SELECTION Nov/Dec 2012)

John Saturnall's Feast

By Lawrence Norfolk

LITERARY - A peasant boy living in 17th-century England has magical recipes that propel him up the ranks of society. (**** Mar/Apr 2013)

Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

By Lois McMaster Bujold

SF - The author's 20-volume Vorkosigan Saga continues with this installment, told from the point of view of Miles Vorkosigan's cousin Ivan. (**** Mar/Apr 2013)

My American Revolution

Crossing the Delaware and I-78

By Robert Sullivan

GENERAL NF - Sullivan looks at events from the Revolutionary War that took place in and around present-day New York City. (**** SELECTION Jan/Feb 2013)


Joseph Anton

A Memoir

By Salman Rushdie

BIOGRAPHY - Rushdie recounts his darkest days on the run, as well as his life of fame and fortune. (**** SELECTION Nov/Dec 2012)

On a Farther Shore

The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson

By William Souder

BIOGRAPHY - This volume commemorates the 50th anniversary of scientist Rachel Carson's seminal book, Silent Spring, as well as explores her life. (**** Jan/Feb 2013)



By Amity Gaige

LITERARY - Fourteen-year-old immigrant Erik Schroder reinvents himself as Eric Kennedy. (**** SELECTION May/June 2013)


This is How You Lose Her

By Junot Diaz

LITERARY - Of the nine linked stories printed in his second compilation, This Is How You Lose Her, eight are narrated by Diaz's familiar alter ego...

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